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Versacryl® Product Information

Versacryl Restoration Solutions LLC provides ultra high performance Versacryl® Restoration Coating Systems to restore the color, appearance and durability to faded, stained and deteriorated exterior polymer deck, dock, boardwalk, railing, and fencing. Versacryl® coatings are engineered to provide years of dependable service as a restoration or remodeling alternative to the high cost of removing and replacing weathered outdoor WPC composite and vinyl surfaces.

Versacryl® Resoration coatings provide the many features and benefits listed under the photo on the right of this page.


Versacryl® coatings have been rigorously tested in exterior applications throughout the US. We have also used selected laboratory tests designed for exterior applications to ensure the superior performance of our products. 



READ THE LETTER about Versacryl published in March 2014 Deck Builder Magazine. Download our product brochure.

Colors Available

We manufacture Versacryl in five colors. For exact color, please ask for a color swatch.

5 colors.jpg
  • Exceptional color hold properties 

  • Coatings are formulated to reduce surface temperatures for improved comfort

  • Greatly improved mar and abrasion resistance 

  • Stain resistance to common condiment and staining agents found on residential deck surfaces

  • Exceptional slip resistance when used on decks and other walking surfaces

  • Will not provide a food source for mold, mildew and algae formation

  • Versacryl® coatings available in 5 standard colors and custom colors are available for OEM or special use situations. 

  • Versacryl® coatings are shipped in kits containing 3 gallons of material which is enough material to apply 2 coats of product to a typical 300-350 ft² deck surface. Application rate may vary with surface condition.

From Left to RIght:  Spa Grey, Nantucket Grey, Prairie, Cimarron, Western Redwood

Versacryl® Restoration Coatings are 100% American made. 



Versacryl is an American-made specialized two part coating system for the resurfacing of WPC and Vinyl Decking material. It is a long-term solution for aged or weathered decks, docks, walkways etc. Versacryl will form a new non-slip surface on your deck which will be impervious to mold, mildew, grill splatter, condiments, and wine to name a few typical items.



Yes. The deck will need to be cleaned first, followed by the application of Versacryl with a brush and roller, utilizing the simple instructions and/or the application video. TWO coatings are required for best protection.


There are numerous topographic coatings and stains for WPC decks, however none will last longterm as will Versacryl.


Staining is a typical yearly event, and paint materials will crack and peel following a few hot/cold cycles.

Versacryl has been on the market for over a decade and to date we have never had a cracking, peeling or other material failure reported.


The product comes with a 10 year color shift guarantee, as stated above we have been selling Versacryl for over a decade and have not had a single product performance complaint.

Versacryl has been tested and passed numerous deck OEM testing facilities and is currently recommended as a viable alternative to replacement, by done of the worlds largest.


There are five colors to pick from, each was formulated to match the “original” most popular deck colors.


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST, AND WHERE CAN I BUY IT? Versacryl is sold in a KIT, (each kit includes the coating materials, measuring devices and instructions). Each KIT will cover approximately 300 - 350 square feet of deck WITH TWO COATS. (Actual coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the deck material.)  A quick call to our staff can help you determine your needs with a few photos of your deck.


The cost of a KIT is under $1500 Dollars and will resurface approximately 300 SF, which is a typical deck of 12 Ft by 25 Ft. with the TWO recommended coats. The price iis all inclusive, except shipping, which is paid by the buyer. (Shipping via Fedex usually costs under $100 per kit) Versacryl is the best economic choice versus deck replacement.

Versacryl is not available in stores. It is only available online or via our 877 number (877-977-6545) directly from VRS (Versacryl Restoration Solutions). Versacryl is American made and is manufactured by our company in Ohio.

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