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The below testimonials are from our customers regarding our product and third party applicators.

"Versacryl provided an economical, beautiful and durable replacement surface to our 13 year old Trex deck. Our house is ocean front in the Marina del Rey area and gets severe exposure.Many boards had significant surface deterioration that Versacryl fixed with their bonding primer prior to applying 2 coats of Prairie color coat. We were facing a major expense to replace our rooftop architect designed deck. Versacryl saved the day and our deck."

- Barbara, Marina del Rey, CA View photos of this stunning transformation

“Our company has restored over 25 decks and railing systems using Versacryl® coatings. Versacryl® is the only coating system for exterior polymer surface restoration we will use. The colors are great and the performance properties make Versacryl® the ultimate solution for restoring exterior polymer decks, docks, railings and related surfaces”.

- Dean, professional painting contractor Ephrata, PA

"I have used Versacryl® coatings on over 30 decks in the Pacific NW. Our climate is extremely tough on all exterior surfaces. Versacryl® is the only product that stands up for years against the harsh Pacific NW weather. Versacryl® is the ultimate product for vinyl and wpc composite surfaces in this region." - Greg, professional painting contractor Portland, OR

"My deck was completely restored using Versacryl® My water front location in Annapolis MD is very tough on my deck and dock. Versacryl® does the job beautifully. Not only do these surfaces look great but they are incredibly resistant to scratch and mar and other stains. The sea birds like my deck and dock and Versacryl® is easily cleaned without evidence of the bird deposits."

-Paul F.

"My completely faded vinyl deck was totally transformed by Versacryl® My lake front home on the Lake Erie shore gets extremely tough weather. Versacryl® provided the total answer for restoring my deck." - David M, Eastlake, OH

"I used the Versacryl® bonding primer with 2 coats of Versacryl® topcoats to restore my old wpc deck. I thought the deck would have to be replaced but Versacryl® performed perfectly."

-Dale H, Norwalk, Iowa

"We used Versacryl® to restore the vinyl railings at our Hyatt resort property in Tampa Florida. The job was completed quickly and cleanly by the applicators. Versacryl® is the solution for use in our challenging ocean front environment."

-Tim H, Chief Engineer Hyatt Hotels 

"The Versacryl® coating team was very diligent and worked hard to complete the job to perfection. My vinyl 1000 ft² deck was transformed from a highly faded ugly appearance to an extremely durable and beautiful finish. The Versacryl® coating system completely restored the wood grain appearance I lost when the deck faded. I am extremely happy with Versacryl and the high quality of their product and service." - E.H. Westchester County, NY 

"Your team did an outstanding job completing my decks finish. I missed them on the first day while they prepared my deck but had the chance to compliment their high quality of work and their level of professionalism. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. I also appreciate your almost daily updates.If you ever need a recommendation, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again and continued success."
-TH, Phoenixville Pa 

"Just a brief note to say thank you. So far we are really pleased with the way the deck has turned out. I just can not believe it, it looks better than new. The guys (Dean Williams) and crew showed up on time were great to work with, explained everything and got it done. Excellent crew. So again thanks for this wonderful product and all your assistance." -TG, Royertown, PA 

"Trex recommended Versacryl Restoration Solutions system to resurface my older generation Trex deck and railing. My deck and railing was getting mold formation on a continuous basis and the original color had significant fade. I picked Versacryl® because of its reputation for extreme durability and color hold on challenging water front locations like mine. The Versacryl professional application team applied the bonding primer and Cimmarron topcoat system that has sealed the surface from mold and provided a new, durable color fast surface for my deck and railings. Thank you Versacryl for the beautiful and durable restoration of my deck and railings."
-Ben, Galveston, TX 

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